Trauma Care Restorative Weekend Workshop for Women

Restoring Women: Trauma Care Weekend Workshop

Be Prepared .  Be Restored .  Be More Present .  Be More Whole .

We’ve all had negative life experiences.

While this workshop will attend to “Big T” trauma, you will benefit from this workshop even if you have “Everyday Life Trauma” as I call it.

This workshop will provide

restoration from Big T trauma and

prepare you for Everyday Life Trauma that adds up and drains our energy.

I promise you will gain so much from the workshop, taking your healing and growth to the next level and progressing more quickly.

Don’t you wonder why? 

Why do negative life experiences affect me the way they do?

Why can’t I just get over it? 

Why do I need to keep working on this stuff?  Is it really worth it?

Why can’t I just figure it out on my own?


The process of restoration 

The path forward 

New coping skills 

Affirmation in your journey with hope, clarity, support, and the understanding that you are not alone .

This Restorative Workshop is also helpful for those who’ve experienced “Big T traumas” such as

Shame, Violation, Harm, Abuse, Powerlessness, or Betrayal 

Emotionally, Spiritually, Sexually, or Relationally. 

A place for women to explore and process the impact of trauma and journey toward healing.

Learn coping skills, explore whole-person care, and discover the path of restoration.

Have you experienced emotional, spiritual, or relational trauma?

Have you experienced issues like shame, abuse, betrayal, or powerlessness in harmful life events?

Sometimes it’s hard to grasp exactly how harmful events have impacted our lives and even more difficult to figure out what to do with it and how to get through it so that you can live a more free, whole life.  In this intensive, we explore the impact of difficult life events and the journey of healing and growth.  We will practice coping skills, and learn about the whole-person trauma effects and healing.

Who may specifically benefit? 

Anyone who would like to learn more about trauma and grow through their own difficult live events can benefit.  This intensive may be of particular interest to those who have had these particular life events…

  • Adult survivors of childhood abuse
  • Partner of someone struggling with sexual addiction
  • Those recovering from harmful relationships with family or intimate partner
  • Those who’ve experienced spiritual, emotional, or relational harm
  • Those who work with people who’ve been harmed in these ways (in ministry, community care/treatment centers, caregiving occupations)

Trauma often happens in a relational context.  Whether or not the trauma was relational in nature, it can have relational impact.

This workshop is relationally-focused and can provide a leap forward in the healing process.  It is ideal for furthering growth and development in individual, couple, or group counseling.

We will focus on whole-person care, offering coping skills, processing the impact of trauma on each aspect of who we are, and provide a path for restoration from trauma.   You will gain greater understanding of the process of what is happening internally, how it is triggered, and the effects externally.  The intensive will provide clarity and a path forward in care, including resources you can use in your continual growth process.

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