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Restoring Women Trauma Care Group

A restorative group for women who’ve experienced Shame, Violation, Harm, Abuse, Powerlessness, or Betrayal–Emotionally, Spiritually, Sexually, or Relationally.  

A place for women to explore and process the impact of trauma and journey toward healing.  

Learn coping skills, explore whole-person care, and discover restoration.

Would you like to go on a journey to explore a process of healing and renewal? Journeying with others through this process can bring greater depth of healing and growth.

I invite you to consider my online group.

An 8-week journey together:

  • Gain understanding of how trauma works in the body and why you can’t just “get over it”
  • Explore the damage created by trauma
  • Become aware of how trauma has affected your whole being
  • Gain coping and calming strategies, and develop your personalized care plan
  • Discover the path forward toward healing and out of the trauma cycle


Late January 2023

How to get started with Restoring Women:

Contact me to let me know of your interest, ask any questions, and explore if this group is right for you.

You’ll receive a packet explaining the group process, along with a pre-group questionnaire.

For more information, call Natalie at 980-253-9841 .

Following this 8 week journey, you will have the opportunity to continue your healing and growth process through my Restoring Women Story Group (5 weeks):

  • Deepen your exploration of the ways trauma has affected you personally and relationally
  • Explore your story with the support of your group
  • Deepen transformative living

Taking interest for trauma groups and a trauma intensive.

The trauma group is mentioned below, Restoring Women. This group allows for a process of discovery and processing over a committed amount of time.

The trauma intensive is a psychoeducational weekend to understand the framework of trauma, the effects on the whole person, and the pathway of healing. It gives a jumpstart toward doing deeper trauma work through group or individual care.

We are currently in the planning for the next group and intensive, and if you are interested and desire to be on the communications list to begin the process to be included in the next group or intensive, then please call Natalie at 980-253-9841.

Check out my Professional Facebook Page :

Call 980-253-9841 to schedule a 15 minute chat if you would like to meet me and ask questions before scheduling your first session..